About Chuck LeBer

the slow happy cyclist

I am an architect, registered in Nevada; but I live and work here. (I designed Frugals)

Learning the computer, especially SketchUp, made my career fun. Creating classes that draw on my experience and imparting my knowledge to young people will make it worthwhile.

My instruction will be less formal than a traditional classroom and student led.  It is my intention to make it non-intimidating as well as fun.

I would like to get 4 or 5 students together at one of their homes.  This way I could keep the costs to $6 or $5 per hour per student.

In addition, I am also a print maker, doing both block printing and screen printing.  I offer a class that is more fun than technical.

Feel free to contact me: chuckrebel at gmail dot com or at 360-582-7221


2 thoughts on “About Chuck LeBer

  1. Hey Chuck, I heard that you were spreading rumors about me in San Diego. It looks like you have good life up north. I left architecture about 7 years ago to paint full time. My partner Mike La Barre and I had a very successful firm for about 15 years. Fried me on facebook if you do that. I am at markfehlman.com and markfehlman@gmail.com.

    • Good to hear from you, Mark.
      My hobby is homebrewing and we had an excellent time in SD (my home town) visiting brew pubs.
      Let’s get together when I ever get back down there.
      Or when you are in Port Angeles, also home to Hank Gibson.
      SD and PA are border towns on Hwy 101.
      I just moved up the street!

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