Building Design (for fun)

more fun with SketchUp

Building Design

Time: 1 hour or more

Day: by arrangement

Duration: 12 weeks or more by family discretion

Course Description:

Using a free and very easy to master 3-d modeling program, Trimble SketchUp, students are introduced to the virtual world of computer modeling. The program will be downloaded to their computer. In the course of learning the program students will also learn to name files, create folders, and use the mouse.

Learning Goals and Objectives:

The objective of this course is to introduce the principles of computer modeling. Students will measure and model their room and print the resulting model. Design principles will be explained and the students will be able to create their own buildings, or model their own house.

Methods of Evaluation:  The model files will demonstrate the student’s understanding and creativity.

Week by Week Syllabi (1-12)

1. Program download and introduction to its tools.

2. Intro to methods of using tools, measurement and scales in the 2-d world and how they apply to 3-d modeling. Photographing their room.

3. Print photos, determine what needs to be measured and how to do it.

4. Measuring and modeling your room.

5. Modeling the room

8. Finish model.

9. Advanced program tools.

9 and 10. Choose and develop a project.

11 and 12.  Project completion and printing.


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