Mechanical Drawing (the old-fashioned way)

Students will learn traditional methods from an old-school drafter.

Mechanical Drawing

Time: 1 hour

Day: by arrangement

Duration: 12 weeks, more or less by family discretion

A materials list will be provided.

Course Description:

This course is based on traditional concepts of using drawings for representing three dimensional objects in two dimensional space. We will use observation, measurement, and interpretation to draw objects that are definable on paper. Drafting will be with pencil on graph paper using rulers, triangles and a compass. This course will provide a solid foundation for observing and understanding the built world.

Week by Week Syllabi (1-9)

1. intro to mechanical drawing. using tools, measurement and scales

2. cylinders and circles, simple parts

3. draw welding shop parts

4. draw welding shop parts

5. drawing household objects

6. drawing household objects continued

7. drafting standards

8. choose a project

9.  develop project

10. develop project

11.  continue project

12.  project  completion


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