Print making and Silkscreen Printing

We will learn about contrast and a new way to see our world as print makers.

Course Description:

1 hour or as needed.

This is an art course based on print making, rather than drawing and sculpting. Techniques taught include block printing and silk screen printing. Screen printing equipment is provided. Materials fee is $20.

Field Trips: Field trips are not required.

Resources to be used: vinyl blocks, cutting tools, silk screen frames, non-toxic inks, paper, and fabric

The objective of this course is to introduce the principles of print making. Students will learn about positive and negative space, contrast, and composition and various stencil making methods. They are welcome to bring in t-shirts to print during those lessons. One t-shirt is provided, but practice ones would be nice to have.

Methods of Evaluation:  The artwork produced will demonstrate the student’s understanding and creativity.

Week by Week Syllabi (1-12)  (Depends on student interests)

1. Hands on print making with precut blocks. Theory of contrast.

2. More hands on print making with precut blocks.

3. Design artwork. Start cutting blocks.

4. Finish cutting, Print own artwork.

5. Intro to screen printing. Hands on printing with pre made screen stencils.

6. Stencil examples: paper, glue, photo. More printing.

7. Intro to multi-color printing

8. Design artwork

9. Make stencils.

10. Print own artwork on paper.

11. Print t-shirts.

12. Print t-shirts


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